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Known issues: Alpha 3

Pardon our space-dust!  Here’s a list of “known issues” - things we know are broken - in the current version of the game.  We also have an internal bug tracker we use to track smaller issues in greater detail, and we’d like to make it publicly readable eventually.  For now, we’ll use this page to track the things we want you to know have our attention and are thinking about.

  • When post effects are disabled, emergency lighting makes some rooms pitch black.
  • Reactor Zones and Fusion Reactor objects don’t do anything at the moment.  In a future Alpha build they’ll be needed to provide power to rooms and base objects.
  • Players can’t zone a room that hasn’t been built yet, and place objects in it.  At some point we’d like to improve the UI around this so that it’s possible to design a complete room using the Construct tool as a kind of “blueprint mode”.
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