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Future development plans

Last update: 9409.17.03

For a list of known issues with the current build, see our Known Issues page.

Spacebase DF-9 is a detailed simulation game, and we’re constantly improving and adding to it. Because space contains everything, there’s an almost infinite number of things we could add to the game! Because we have limited time and resources, we have to make hard choices about what’s important. Below is a giant list of all the things we might possibly do at some point.

Nothing on this list is carved in stone, and we can’t promise any date for when it might go into the game. We may decide something isn’t worth it, or an idea may mutate into another thing entirely. We’re sharing this with you because we want to give an idea of where the game is headed!

We’ve now divided our plans into three categories: things that are our current focus, things that we believe will make it into near-future updates, and things that belong in the longer term plan.

Current Focus

Things we are working on right now. Unless it’s part of some larger ongoing work, this may well make it into an alpha update within the next month.


Statement: Remaining contents of this document countermanded by order of IGTTC (Local Quadrant Authority) due to timeline-sensitivity.
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